looks good on paper (bakelite) wrote,
looks good on paper


We survived our move, sold as much as we could, gave away much more and threw so much away that I have promised myself I will recycle like crazy and and never be wasteful again. It is crazy how one can accumulate so much CRAP. We arrived at our new apartment and our furniture (that had been stored at Francois' parents place since 2005) arrived just an hour later. Yael puked on herself just as we arrived, and yelled continuously "OH, PUKE!" in the most concerned way. She threw up again later, and then it was my turn to puke my guts out. Good times. I am just starting to feel better. Lots of crazy not so hilarious mishaps in between, but I don't feel like sharing all that I guess. Yael is refusing to sleep as I type this, its 11pm here in Belgium. We are currently sleeping on a couchbed in the living room, which makes matters worse because she can see us whatever we're doing, and it is always more interesting than sleeping. now she's singing?

I have a feeling I will like it here, but we need to smooth out some bumps here and there. I am trying to be calmer and nicer to Francois, really trying. We are both so defensive and critical and deprived of our own time, it makes for quick tempers and it bums me out. I wish this kid would go to sleep so we could frickin hang out.
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