looks good on paper (bakelite) wrote,
looks good on paper

on m'a demande

Remember me? We still haven't really settled in. Sleeping on fold out couches and waiting for our new bank cards to be ready. Our plan was to buy ikea beds and couple other big needed things, but Francois' bank card keeps getting declined left and right even though the money is there. Yael refuses to sleep every night, finally falling asleep around 10 and waking up at the crack of dawn. I am so so glad we made this move, i like my job and we have a lot more security and opportunity here. I know it will get better but I still want a good nights sleep on a comfortable bed dammit. I get home late and there is more work to do. I am starting to look my age. I guess i should get used to that. I dream of having a little camera to drag around with me. It's the daily life things I want to share with the people I miss. The waffles are amazing. Food is cheap. We drink la chouffe and leffe and trappistes rochefort like its going out of style. It's pretty cool here. But hey. I miss family and their voices. I'll try to figure out a way to call soon (note to self, buy phone).
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