looks good on paper (bakelite) wrote,
looks good on paper

Remember me?

So thanksgiving weekend was nice, but the spirit was completely ruined when we came home and saw that we had been robbed. They took our computers, all our instruments, tools, anything that wasn't nailed down. I had a premonition right before we left and I asked Francois to hide the laptop. It didn't change anything though, they still found it. That is all i will say on that subject now, though I am bursting at the seams with anger. Yael was very worried that they had stolen her toys, just about broke my heart.

I didn't sleep at all that night, as I kept imagining people breaking in. I left at 5am for my trip to Chicago, then off to Brussels. I had a huge layover in Dublin. I was so upset about everything that I just wanted to sulk and feel sorry for myself, but as soon as we landed I realized that 11 hours is a very LONG time with nothing to do. So I found the bus into Dublin and wandered around the city for a few hours. It was really nice and calming, and also freaking freezing. I found some shop called Penney's and bought some super cheap legwarmers. I was back at the airport by 1pm and my flight wasn't until 6. Remind me to not do the long layover thing again, unless I have a comfy bed stashed somewhere?

Brussels was nuts. Nonstop action, working intensely all day, then running around in the dark in an unfamiliar city visiting apartments. I barely ate for a couple of days. On Friday we had a big work feast to celebrate St. Nicolas/Sinterklass and I had to keep myself from eating everything on the table. I think I had three desserts. For a few days I stayed at a punk house (friends of a friend) which was freezing but cool because I had my own room and bath. Everyone was so damn nice to me, I couldn't stop thanking them. I drank some good beers, and on Saturday I went to a show where half of Strasbourg was in attendance as audience or performer. It was as if I had never left Europe only easier, because now i actually understand everything my friends are saying.

I found an apartment, in Etterbeek. As soon as I saw the neighborhood I knew I wanted to live there. Very bourgois but also convenient- train, tram, grocery, boulangerie, park, shops, everything within a 10 minute walk. I think Francois will be happy here. I will too.

So now I am working from home and its intense. I gotta get back to that, btw. I'll try to come up for air more often.

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