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bakelite's Journal

looks good on paper
17 March 1978
trying to make a connection between language and reality. coffee is good. so are anthropology, dulcimers, making your own clothes and what they used to call punk rock.
a chorus line, a living wage, a luna red, a-frames, ab fab, adult, africa, alasdair roberts, angry samoans, anthropology, arab on radar, arab strap, archaeology, archers of loaf, arlo guthrie, artaud, bad showtunes, barbara kingsolver, bikes, bikini kill, black eyes, blonde redhead, blondie, blur, bob dylan, bows, bratmobile, breeding, canada, cat stevens, cats, chisel, chocolat billy, coffee, cooper thompson, costume jewelry, crucifucks, dancing, drekka, drums, dulcimers, e.e. cummings, edith piaf, edward said, ella fitzgerald, elliot smith, elvis costello, erase errata, ereshkigal, ethnographies, etta james, feminism, franz fanon, free kitten, french, fugazi, gang of four, get hustle, girlschool, harry pussy, history, horses, iggy pop, illinois, infinity dive, interpol, irving layton, jan howard, jawbreaker, jhonen vasquez, john cusak, john waters, john zorn, johnny cash, joy division, kimya dawson, knitting, leonard cohen, les savy fav, lightnin' hopkins, linguistics, long fin killie, lords of acid, loretta lynn, lou reed, love life, lucas haas, magik markers, marjane satrapi, minor threat, mitchell and webb, mountains, naps, nautical almanac, neutral milk hotel, nick cave, nico, palace, patsy cline, pizzicato five, pj harvey, placebo, pleasure forever, portishead, possum dixon, propaghandi, puppies, q and not u, rolling stones, sartre, sewing, sheebus, sightings, six organs of admittance, slaves, sleater-kinney, small towns, social work, sonic youth, spitboy, strasbourg, superchunk, tahiti, television, the beats, the blow, the corn sisters, the cure, the dead boys, the ex, the frames, the frenetics, the gossip, the jam, the kinks, the peechees, the rapture, the walkmen, thora birch, thunderstorms, traveling, wes anderson, whiskeytown, will oldham, wire